Best-Test Analytical Services was established in 1993 by Stephen Jones in Moses Lake, Washington. Having obtained a BS in Chemistry at Brigham Young University (1979) and an MS in Chemical Engineering at Washington State University (1983), he has used his expertise and experience in the agricultural science arena to understand the principles about what seems to be an ever-changing science. Having decades of testing experience in the Pacific Northwest, he understands the need for precise and accurate results.

Emphasis on Quality of Analysis
Coming from an agricultural background, Mr. Jones recognizes the implications of test precision and accuracy. While good testing can help farmers manage nutrient inputs for maximum economic return, or simply revive the family garden, bad results can have the opposite effect. He knows that over- or under-fertilization carries substantial costs not only to his clients but also to the environment.

Precision and Accuracy
This is why he has led Best-Test Analytical Services to achieve high standards of testing excellence. Some laboratories, in an attempt to achieve high volume throughput, may report results which do not correlate as well to actual crop response. Best-Test, on the other hand, does its best to not compromise the significance of reported results (values that correlate with crop response) for quicker test protocols.

Exchange Programs
Best-Test has actively participated in exchange programs in an effort to maintain the high quality of its performance. From 1994 to 2006, the laboratory participated in the North American Proficiency Testing (NAPT) Program, which was started by Dr. Robert Miller. Best-Test consistently met and exceeded performance standards. In 2007, when Dr. Miller left the NAPT program to start the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) program, at Collaborative Testing Services, Inc., Best-Test followed.